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Why is skipping breakfast bad?

At any situation, you should never skip your breakfast meal. It is a big mistake to skip your breakfast meal. Any reason is not valid enough to avoid breakfast.

Every person should know that breakfast food is the most important food in one’s day. So How can one skip this meal for any reason? The peoples who do this are badly mistaken or wrongly advised to do so. The reason might be that by avoiding the first meal might help them to not gain weight. This is far from the truth.

One might attribute laziness for skipping one’s meal. This is state of mind and nothing else. These persons should reflect and realise that making a breakfast takes just a few minutes more than brushing their teeth. Do they avoid brushing?

Breakfast is the most important food of the day and for everyone. A breakfast gives the energy a person needs to start his day. Through breakfast only, a person gets the first refill for the energy spent the last day. This gives to get refueled the glucose levels, since he takes a meal after nearly ten hours. Glucose his essential for the brain and is the main source of energy. This also helps the muscles, which are needed by everyone to be active the whole day

Breakfast benefits everybody – the whole family. It gives one with at least a good portion of the day’s calories. When you eats a good breakfast you will not have to eat more afterward. If on the other hand you goes without the breakfast, your so much energy is lost, which you catch up with. So it is the best to have a good breakfast in the morning and take small portions at other times. This small quantities will not put him from being active, but will keep him in a good condition whole day. If you skips a breakfast, than to fulfill the calories needed, may eat more in course of the day. With a full stomach it will be a bit difficult to concentrate in your work.



On the other hand the effects of skipping one’s breakfast are many.

1 The effects are lack of alertness,
2 Low blood sugar,
3 Lack of concentration
4 Being attentive for short periods.
5 Without the energy, your work is going to suffer.

The benefits of a good breakfast are

1.It boosts your energy.
2. Your attention is increased.
3 Your sense of well-being is heightened.
4 You control your emotions better.
5 Your work or other activity never suffers.
6 You body and mind will thank you later on in the day.

Here is a best Cookbook for you to learn how to wake up a fabulously delicious paleo breakfast without eating the same boring foods everyday.


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