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Happy Anniversary with!

My 4th Happy Anniversary with! Thanks wordpress user who loves me here alot!! Keep up supporting me!!.

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The Ideal Diet for Humans | Galit Goldfarb

Galit Goldfarb begins with her own story — becoming bulimic as a teen, and determining to learn all she could about science and nutrition in college, and yet still not achieving health. She studied medical science, opening a clinic after her return. But everyone she treated felt better only in the short-term. She was also diagnosed with cancer. She began to learn all about human health, reading from all the scientific fields until she was able to understand the answer: the guerilla diet (food choices that fight back against everything she had learned!). Goldfarb takes us through ancient human history, demonstrating evidence of the earliest humans’ health and diet (living into their 70s and eating plants, nuts, fruits, and legumes) and how humans moved shortsightedly away from that diet. Cancer free (without radiation), her final argument is simple — while an “omnivore” diet may in the short term taste better, in the long term, it is unhealthy, not only for us but for our planet.

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How to Make the Most Amazing Chocolate Cake

The Most Amazing Chocolate Cake is here.

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19 Food Hacks You Should Know

19 FOOD HACKS THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND, Please Share Your Views What you think about the Video, thanks to everyone.

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Keto Breads Cookbook: Your Guide to Baking Grain-Free, Low-Carb Bread

The recipes in this Keto Breads book represent more than a decade of dedicated efforts in our test kitchen. Each one uses functional ingredients that actually protect – not wreck – your health. These breads are truly metabolic power foods at can help you sculpt a lean physique, instead of puffing up your muffin top!

And yet they are so authentically delicious, you’ll never miss the grain and carb-filled bread you used to eat. I’m talking about REAL BREAD… as good as any you’ve ever tasted! I’ve been baking and creating grain-free, low-carb breads for a long time – and I assure you, there is NOTHING else like this. These truly healthy creations taste JUST LIKE the real thing!

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Happy New Year 2020!!

Happy New year 2020 To Everyone !!