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Healthy Paleo Pumpkin Pie Donuts Recipe

Are you ready for this fall favourite? Paleo pumpkin pie glazed donuts- made with white sweet potato instead of flour… It truly doesn’t get any better! The texture is soft and fluffy, the flavor is pumpkin pie in real life. Hope you enjoy it!

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Best 5 Quick And Easy Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Accurately what is off limits? Grains, dairy, glucose, alcohol, anything at all processed, and the tricky part anything that resembles those foods.

Since yogurt, food, toast, and even oatmeal are from the table, breakfast time tends to be the toughest meal on the program.

Lucky for you, we have gathered five best creative breakfast recipes from people around the web so you can equip yourself for easy and delightful mornings.


1. Banana Chia Pudding


Should you haven’t tried chia seed pudding yet, listen to us out. It may seem to be weird the first time you make it, but this recipe flavor eerily like the clown pudding of your childhood–without added sugar, dairy, or grains. Plus it packages plenty of healthy fat from the coconut dairy and chia seeds for a satisfying meal that can take you through lunch time.


2. Grain-Free Oatmeal

One more twist on breakfast rolled oats, this dish is stuffing, crunchy, naturally sweet, and tastes so near the real deal you may never go back to your prepackaged oatmeal. The blogger notes that this may well not seem to be like a huge portion but all you need is to feel totally satisfied.



3. As soon as possible Bake With Chicken and Veggies

Already ill of scrambled eggs? If you’re in luck. The menu creator credits this easy dish with saving her Whole30. And we avoid doubt it: The tasty scramble can be cooked on Sunday and provides five days’ worth of filling breakfasts–just cut a slice and heat each morning.


4. Paleo Avocado Toast

Our love of avocado toast is real. And now you avoid have to stop for 30 days, thanks to this Paleo version, which cleverly swaps a roasting sweet potato slice for bread. It’s still capped with the classic mix of avocado, salt, and lime juice that we now have grown to love a lot.


5. Paleo Sausage Tennis balls


We don’t typically think of meatballs as a breakfast food, nevertheless they totally can be, right? Toss a fried egg on top, and these men make for a completing breakfast any day of the week. This version even sneaks some lovely potato into the projectiles for added nutrients and flavor.

Here’s  a best breakfast recipe cookbook for you to learn how to wake up a fabulously delicious breakfast without eating the same boring meals everyday.



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These are 10 of the best food hacks tricks . I hope you enjoy this re-compilation of the best tricks. The tricks are shown in this video:


1. Lemon juice trick

2. Easy butter spreading trick

3. Simple potato peeling tip

4. Egg peeling trick

5. Garlic peeling trick

6. Fresh bread trick

7. Blowtorch wine opening

8. Back egg trick

9. How to tell if an egg is fresh

10. Super poached eggs

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Two Delicious Finger Food Appetizers

Whether you are having a fun dinner party, or you simply want a snack before dinner, it’s  great to have a few different finger food appetizer recipes ready.

During events, the last thing people want to worry about when they are mingling are forks and knives, and even when you are at home snacking, you probably will want to chill out and simply snack with your fingers.

Whether you are looking for fancy or home-friendly, there are a variety of different finger foods that you can perfect. Here are three:

1.  Bruschetta

Bruschetta is a refreshing and delicious finger food that looks a lot fancier than it actually is. The prep time is pretty short, but the flavors are amazing.

I make sure that I buy the freshest, organic tomatoes, basil and onions when I make mine, and also I purchase a quality balsamic. You dice all of these up, mix them up in a bowl with olive oil and spices, then you top the bread and add balsamic last. Delicious, refreshing and simple!

These finger foods will keep your party going and your guests or family happy. Make them for other people, or for yourself at home!

2. Deviled Eggs

I am a huge fan of deviled eggs! They are delicious, and you get a good amount of protein and even fats. These are perfect snacks for high fat, low carb diets, and they go over really well at parties.

If you want them to be even more healthy, use better ingredients. I like cage-free eggs and better quality mayo when I make mine. For a little extra kick, try adding some paprika on top.


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Advice For Cooking Quality Meals On A Tight Budget

Cooking quality meals does not have to break the bank. You can stick with your budget and still have the foods that are healthy and affordable. You do not have to settle for cheaper and less nutritious meals in order to stay on track with your spending account. The first thing you should do is keep all sales ads for all grocery stores in your area and compare prices.

You may need to change which store you shop at to get the better deals or you may need to purchase some items at one and other items at another one. You can save money by comparing prices and choosing the least expensive options. When it comes to saving on meats you can speak with the butcher at your grocery store about the days and times where prices on meats are lowered for quick sales so you can take advantage of these sales. Usually these are meats that are very close to their “sell by” dates and they need to sell before throwing out. These are still high-quality meats, but you get them are bargain prices.

Check with a local farmer’s market if you have one. Sometimes they have a surplus in crops and they need to sell their vegetables and fruits right away so they can harvest more. You can take advantage of this by stocking up on their items and even prepare them to place in your freezer or can them to be used later.

There are many options in being able to cook quality meals on a tight budget. You have to use your resources and planning to accomplish this, but it can be done with a little time and effort on your part to achieve the health you desire.

As you can see, even if you have a tight budget that you are working with, you should have little trouble cooking some incredibly high quality meals for yourself, your friends, and your family!

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Easy Paleo Pancakes Recipe

Paleo pancakes

Quantity produced: 4 pancakes
Preparation time: 5m
Cooking time: 2m

Ready in: 10m

4 tablespoons chestnut flour well rounded
1 egg
A little water (that we add as we go so as not to be too liquid)

Step 1

Mix all the ingredients as in a traditional pancake recipe.
2nd step

All you have to do is pour the dough on a hot pan previously greased with a little olive oil

Recipe type: Desserts