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How To Make The Best French Toast?

This iconic dish is all about the details. While french toast might seem simple, looks can be deceiving. To get that perfectly crispy exterior and creamy, silky custard on the inside we spent weeks eating tons of butter, bread, and syrup to discover the best classic french toast recipe. The end result is indulgent, delicious, and most importantly, easy to make.[I think you may like this Cookbook]

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How To Make The Ultimate Banana Bread?

Banana bread is the queen when it comes to classic quick bread recipes. We tested a ton of variations to bring you our ultimate version. Packed with dark chocolate chips and caramelized banana flavor, it’s sweet, thick, fluffy, and, dare we say, moist. Don’t forget to top it with some turbinado sugar before baking for a little crunchy texture. Remember, when life gives you bananas, make banana bread! I thinks you may also like this cookbook.